Internet Banking Internet banking includes the tools offered by a financial institution so that customers do their banking via the computer using your Internet connection. This is a revolution not only in terms of transaction processing but also customer service, staff generally far. Current issue and the limited bibliography about us reason to choose him for the development of this monograph. This paper aims to explain how new technologies have changed the way companies interact with their customers, without forgetting that a key factor for successful online banks is to meet the service quality in terms of customer service. In the next few articles we will explain the concept of Internet banking, describe the use of this service, list your strengths and weaknesses, analyze the impact on the appearance of the customer and their strengths and weaknesses compared to the personal attention; also analyze the adaptation of traditional models of customer service and electronic banking to describe the tools used for this purpose. To this end we used the managing bibliographic information gathering on the theme developed in the work content. In the first chapter explains the concepts and definitions of Internet banking, describes the services offered, and the operational details of it. Also lists the main advantages and disadvantages of its use. Below describes the main factors impact on customer service by electronic means, the aspects involving the adaptation of the traditional management attention to this new relationship with the customer and the technology tools used for this purpose. Finally there is a table showing the Internet banking services offered by some local banks, describing the services they provide and the care with the tools they currently have. In the literature review found no work related to the topic, which is expected to be useful as reference material for future projects.